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Joan Escarrabill, MD PhD
, is a respiratory physician and currently the Director of the Evaluation Area at the Catalan Agency for Health Information, Assessment and Quality (CAHIAQ) and the Director of the Master Plan for Respiratory Diseases (PDMAR) at the Ministry of Health. Since 1984 he has been involved in the care of patients with chronic respiratory failure, first in the care of patients with long-term oxygen therapy and since 1990 in the field of home mechanical ventilation, as director of a multidisciplinary team (UFIS-Respiratory). From 1995 to 2005, parallel to his clinical activity, he has management responsibilities at the Hospital Universitary de Bellvitge as the vice-medical director, director of the emergency department and vice-manager of the hospital. Until 2011 he worked in the innovation area of Health Studies Institute at the Ministry of Health.

Currently its main activities as director of evaluation area of CAHIAQ are related to: a) evaluation of health programs (CAHIAQ has been commissioned to assess the impact of chronic diseases care programme of the Ministry of Health), b) health technology assessment, c) evaluation of the social impact of research and, d) evaluation of new drugs.  The PDMAR priorities are: a) the assessment of acute severe COPD exacerbation through the development of a self-audit,  b) the analysis of outcomes of home mechanical ventilation and c) reimbursement issues related to home respiratory therapies (LTOT, CPAP and home ventilation)