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: Stephen William Turner
E - mail: s.w.turner@abdn.ac.uk
Date of birth: 19 February 1969
Place of birth: Blackburn, Lancashire


1992 MBBS (University of Newcastle)
1994 MRCP (UK) part I
MRCP (UK) part II

1998 Postgraduate certificate in medical education (University of Newcastle)

  1. CCST in paediatrics (subspecialty in respiratory paediatrics)
  2. MD (University of Newcastle)

2003  FRCPCH

1995 European Respiratory Society Young Investigator of the Year (runner up)

Pre-registration house officer Newcastle-upon-Tyne Aug’92 – Jan’93
Senior house officer Newcastle-upon-Tyne Feb’93 – Jul’95
Paediatric registrar Hastings (New Zealand) Dec’95 – Nov’96
Specialist registrar in paediatrics Middlesbrough Jan’97 – Apr’99
Paediatric research fellow Perth (Australia) May’99 – Nov’01
Specialist registrar in paediatrics   Newcastle-upon-Tyne Dec’01 – Mar’03 

My research interest is childhood asthma with a focus on mechanisms for the development of asthma and biomarkers for asthma control. I am the principle investigator on a number of recent and current grants and co-investigator on several others. I collaborate with colleagues in secondary and primary care, laboratory sciences and obstetrics. My aim is to develop methods for and then undertake intervention studies aimed at preventing asthma in at-risk unborn children and improving asthma control in those with established disease.


  1. £2 million. MRC. Defining endotypes of wheezing to elucidate mechanisms and genetic predisposition: STELAR (Study Team for Early Life Asthma Research) consortium. Co Applicant November 2012.
  2. £75,000. ARCHIE foundation. Nasal epithelial cells in different wheezing conditions. Lead applicant. October 2010.
  3. £60,000. NHS Grampian. A study of trends in childhood obesity in North East Scotland. Lead applicant. May 2010
  4. £499,662. Big Lottery. Reducing Children’s Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke in the Home. Co-applicant December 2009
  5. £2,500. NHS Grampian Endowments. The Study of Young Children with Recurrent Wheeze – can we distinguish between asthma and viral induced wheeze? Lead Applicant. February 2009
  6. £202,000. Scottish Executive. Environmental Determinants of Public Health in Scotland (EDPHiS). Co-applicant. April 2008


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